Mortgage Services

Owning a Home is the best way to save and invest your Money.

Ruwaad Properties mortgage service offers a wide range of scope no matter your age, background, nationality, ethnicity or financial position. Our highly qualified team members deal with a multitude of different lenders to link the best products to your profile. Whether an ex-pat, resident, local, first time buyer, investor, conventional or Islamic financing – we will give honest, transparent advice and with no obligation

Buying a home is sometimes complicated, sometimes stressful and is one of life’s key moments – whoever you are. Some buy on numbers, some on emotion. It is important to get the basics right so that you can love and enjoy your home – not resent the purchase through being misinformed, misguided or poorly educated on the process. At Ruwaad Properties we have built our reputation through offering clarity, professionalism, transparency and the little confidence that you can only achieve from countless transactions and happy customers